Once you have configured the Rider Events webhook, Deliveroo will begin notifying your integration about rider-related events **using the [Rider Events Webhook Callback](🔗).**

Unlike the Order Events webhook, the Rider Events webhook is meant to be informational. How you process the information provided through this webhook depends on your requirements.

A typical rider status lifecycle is `rider_assigned → rider_arrived → rider_confirmed_at_restaurant`.

Please note that several riders can be assigned to an order if it's too big for one to fulfil. You can expect to see repeated statuses in those cases.

## Ride Statuses

Rider StatusDescription
rider_assignedDeliveroo has assigned a rider to the order.
rider_arrivedThe rider is nearing the restaurant.
rider_confirmed_at_restaurantThe rider has reached the site, confirmed on the Rider's App.
rider_unassignedThe rider was unassigned from the order.

## How do Rider Events Work?

Deliveroo sends you a notification via Rider Events webhook (`rider.status_update`) every time an event related to the rider and corresponding order occurs:

  1. When a rider is assigned to transport the order, you will receive a `rider_assigned` event.

  2. You will receive a `rider_arrived` event when a rider is close to a site.

  3. You will receive a `rider_confirmed_at_restaurant` when the rider confirms to be at the site on the Rider App.

  4. When a rider is unassigned from the order, you will receive a `rider_unassigned` event.

## Failures

### Retry Logic

Deliveroo will retry the request for up to 10 minutes.