API Status Page

Added a new page in Guides to improve visibility of our API Status Page.


Catalogue API Released



⚠️ Note: The Catalogue API is presently undergoing pilot testing and is not accessible to partners. Keep an eye out for forthcoming announcements regarding its public release!

If you're keen on utilizing the Catalogue API, kindly submit a support ticket here


Added multiple barcodes

Menu APIs & Catalogue APIs now can add Barcodes for every item.


Added new item classifications

Add new market-specific menu item classifications. These include "alcohol_product", "tobacco_product", "vape_product" and "cbd_product".


Removed deprecated allergen options.

Removed "nuts" and "gluten" as acceptable allergen values when uploading menu items. Both these options have been replaced by several more granular values that can be used instead.


Singapore tax rate update

We have updated the menu API documentation to reflect the latest Singapore tax rate change from 8% to 9% effective from 1st Jan 2024. We have also removed tax rates for the markets we no longer operate in.


DRS (Deposit Return Scheme) Fees Support Added for Ireland market

[IRELAND] We have updated the menu and order APIs to support DRS Fees for the Ireland market. Menu guidelines and Menu Upload API now provide the details of the DRS Fee structure. Additionally, the payload of Order Events Webhook provides the details of deposit fees applied and is further added to the Order APIs V2 endpoints.


Updated Item Dietary Information to be market specific

Updated Item Dietary Information to be market specific. Any invalid codes sent in menu updates will not fail the update, but will not be shown to consumers.


Customize Menu for Grocery Partners

A property experience is added to menu object to the Upload Menu payload request.


Order payload updated with meal cards

The response from the Get Order endpoint has been enhanced to include a meal cards object, enabling Integrators to determine whether an order was processed using a meal card. Additionally, the payload of the Order Events Webhook Callback now provides meal cards information. This crucial update is also exemplified in the fulfillment types payload example, in Guides section.