The Order API allows you to ingest Deliveroo orders directly into your in-store systems. This API consists of three webhook configurations:

The Order Events Webhook allows you to accept or reject the order and receive status updates (i.e., for cancellation and confirmation).

The Rider Status Updates Webhook notifies status changes of our riders: from assignment to arriving on-site to collect the order.

The Legacy POS Webhook allows you to receive order event after it's accepted via the tablet or cancelled by the customer. Note that this webhook is deprecated.


Available in Suites:

  • Partner Platform
  • Retail Platform

Why Connect?

Reduce your staff training time with a single view of all orders in one POS system.

  • Reduce order rejections by 27%, ensuring more revenue.
  • Faster order preparation and handover time: around 1 minute per order.
  • Less human error; missing or incorrect items are reduced by around 12%.

What’s Next

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