The Deliveroo Signature API allows partners to request delivery via Deliveroo couriers for an order processed and managed by their own internal systems.

We offer 5 key features:

  • Get restaurants for location: Returns the list of restaurants available for delivery for a given customer location, with estimated delivery times
  • Create quote: Returns the updated estimate for given delivery, as well as the delivery fee we would charge for that delivery to a customer on our platform within the same conditions
  • Create order: Creates the order in our system
  • Update webhooks: Gives you high level updates about the order (accepted by a rider, rider on route to customer, delivered, …)
  • Order tracking: Gives you granular information about the order, including the GPS location of the rider, which can also be requested as a map view

How it works

  1. Customer searches for a restaurant closest to them.
  2. A customer then places an order on your restaurant's website or app.
  3. You create the order with Deliveroo's Signature API.
  4. A Deliveroo rider picks up and delivers the order while you receive webhook callbacks notifying you of the order's status updates.