Performance Standards

To help partners successfully execute a seamless order journey while utilising our partner APIs, we must maintain stable API calls and requests. Therefore we required our partners to adhere to the following performance standards.

These standards are subject to change within a reasonable timeframe to adhere to these adjustments.

Should a partner breach the determined performance, Deliveroo has the right to temporarily or permanently disable their access to our APIs or the affected Partner sites.

Order API Success Rate

Partners that fail to meet a 98% success rate are subject to having their API access either temporarily or permanently disabled, depending on the severity. The following are taken into account:

  • The severity of the success rate compared with the determined threshold.
  • The length of time the threshold was not met.

The success rate is internally monitored weekly for partners supporting live sites on the Deliveroo platform.


Calculating Success Rate


  • A: the number of orders that have been accepted/rejected by API or we received a successful sync back status for them
  • B: the number of orders for which we called your webhook

Your success rate is:

(A / B) × 100