The Deliveroo Picking API provides developers with a lightweight, robust integration solution for partners to manage the following in real-time:

Aside from these key features, the Picking API also provides partners and integrators with the ability to build/leverage their own picking software as well as utilise store-specific features (e.g. optimising their picking route so that frozen items are picked last).

Picking API Flow

  1. A customer places an order through Deliveroo's website or app.
  2. We send an event, order.status_update, about it via the Picking Events webhook with the order's status as placed.
  3. The site would notify Deliveroo for Start Picking by calling our Start Picking Process for Order
  4. The site makes any Updates for any quantities by calling our Update order item quantities or make any substitutions by calling our Make amendments (including substitutions) on Placed Status order.
  5. The site accepts (or rejects) this order by calling our Accept and reject endpoint.
  6. After your call succeeds, we'll send you a notification about the status change. Via the Picking Events webhook, we send you an order.status_update event presenting all the updated information about the order.
  7. If customer wants to cancel an order then we will notify you about order's status change via Order Events webhook (order.status_update event). Please see Canceled Orders for more details.