Allows the partner to make amendments to order items.

Allows the partner to make amendments to order items. The endpoint accepts amendments for multiple items in a single call.
It is recommended that the integrating partner batches all the amendments for an order in a single call of
this endpoint in order to avoid receiving a rate limit exceeded error.

Request restrictions

  • Order has to be in the 'PLACED' status in order to successfully process this request.
  • Particular action has to be enabled on for an order item, which means that field allowed_actions_if_items_are_unavailable has to have ITEM_REMOVAL - for removing an item or PARTNER_CHOSEN_SUBSTITUTION for substituting an item.

Rate Limit

There's a rate limit of 1 request per order per minute. If you get over the limit, you'll get "Too many requests" error.

How it works

  • Amended items will be moved to archived_items.
  • New ID will be generated for each amendment even if it's just reducing the quantity of an order item. To make
    another amendment newly generated ID must be used.
  • Reference to amended item will be kept under amends.
  • Reference to original order item item will be kept under original. This will cut short all intermediate
    amendment operations. It will differ from amends in case of item will be amended multiple times.
  • Reference to refactored order item will be kept under refactors.

Given example: one of item (id="YYY") was substituted to another (substitution_id="ZZZ"). Response contains one
substitution item (id="YYY-2") and one refactored item (id="YYY-3") which differs from original item (id="YYY")
just by quantity.

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