Update Individual Menu Item unavailabilities

Once a menu is sent to our platform, all the items in the menu are theoretically "available", therefore a customer can order them. This endpoint allows the caller to set items as "available", "unavailable" or "hidden":


  • available - the item is visible in the menu and can be ordered.
  • unavailable - the item is "greyed out", "striked-through" and marked as "sold out" on our platform. It will be made available during the next morning stock reset.
  • hidden - the item is not visible in the menu for the customers. It will not be affected by the morning stock reset.


In contrast to the PUT endpoint, this endpoint will only update the status of items which are explicitly mentioned in the payload. For example, see this sequence of calls:

  1. Set orange_juice unavailable.
  2. Set granola unavailable.

After those two calls, both granola and orange_juice will be unavailable.

Rate Limit

This endpoint is rate limited at 1 request per 100ms per site. There is no limit to the number of items that can be updated in a single request.

Item IDs not found

All IDs in the request must be existing IDs on the requested menu. If any ID is not found, the entire request will fail (returns 404).

Changing unavailabilities after menu upload

If you want to set item unavailabilities right after calling Upload Menu request, first wait to receive the Menu Upload Result Webhook. Otherwise the change of unavailabilities may be ineffective for newly created items.