The Deliveroo Site API provides developers the ability to manage sites' information.

This API consists in the following components:

Opening hours: A developer can use this feature to view or define a site opening hours. Multiple opening hours can be applied for each weekday.

Status: A developer can set the online status of a site to be open or closed.

Days off: A developer can add, retrieve, update or cancel days off periods for a given site. Days off are exceptions to the normal opening hours of a site that are applied each day.

Workload A developer can change workload mode as well as set the preparation time for each mode.

API path

All site API endpoints that controls site details are located under the following path

Path parameters

The unique identifier for the brand.
Identifier defined by the user.

A list of all brands can be retrieved at GET /api/v1/brands

Get site opening hours response body example:

    "brands": [
            "id": "brandunique-id",
            "name": "name",
            "market": "GB"


The site API uses the following HTTP status codes for errors.

400Bad request
Typically, a required parameter is missing or invalid.
The provided API key and API token is invalid or disabled.
404Not found
The specified resource could not be found.
>=500Internal server error
Something went wrong on our end. You’ll have to try again later once we’ve fixed it.

Errors return JSON structured like this, where message may contain more
specific information:

  "error": {
    "code": "bad_request",
    "message": "invalid date format"

Additionally, the returned JSON error will contain additional details for
developers in the message, as well as a specific error code.

bad_gatewayAn error occurred on one of our internal systems. You may try again.
bad_requestGenerally as a result of a validation issue.
disabledThe specified site is disabled.
scopeThe site configuration does not allow changes via API
unauthorizedMissing or invalid API key or secret.