Rider Status Callback

This callback is triggered when a rider status is updated.

Usually a regular rider status lifecycle is rider_assigned => rider_arrived (at the restaurant) => rider_in_transit (en route to customer) => rider_nearby.

The following are all the valid values for a rider status.

Rider StatusDescription
rider_assignedRider was assigned to the order.
rider_unassignedRider was unassigned to the order.
rider_arrivedRider nearby to the restaurant.
rider_confirmed_at_restaurantRider arrival at the restaurant confirmed on rider's app.
rider_in_transitRider en route to the customer.
rider_nearbyRider is arriving at customer.

Keep in mind that while every attempt is made to make callbacks in the order they occurred and in a timely manner, neither can be absolutely guaranteed. It is also possible to receive the same callback more than once.

It is important to notice that these webhooks will only be triggered when rider_status_url configuration entry is set.