Event Types

Events sent from Deliveroo will be one of the types listed below. The webhook call request payload can vary depending on the order's fulfilment type.

Event TypeDescriptionWebhook Used
orders.newSent when a new order is placed, or an order is remade.Order Events Webhook
orders.status_updateSent when an order is:

- accepted,
- confirmed,
- rejected,
- cancelled.
Order Events Webhook
rider.status_updateSent when a rider:

- is assigned to an order,
- is close to the site,
- confirms to be at the site on the Rider's App,
- is unassigned from an order.
Rider Status Webhook

Deprecated Events

Deliveroo sends these events over a deprecated webhook. Please update your integration to leverage Order Events Webhook and Rider Status Webhook.

Event TypeDescriptionWebhook Used
new_orderSent when a new order is placed, or an order is remade.Legacy POS Webhook
cancel_orderSent when an order is cancelled.Legacy POS Webhook

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