This documentation is specific for APIs supported by Developer Portal. If you don't have access to Developer Portal or you are currently user of then check the previous version of documentation.

Currently Developer Portal supports only Partner Platform Suite. If you want to use other APIs (e.g. Signature API, Picking API) you need to refer to the previous version of the documentation.

Deliveroo offers a range of APIs to make it easier than ever to increase your conversion, streamline your operations and get updated data on your business.



Partner Platform Suite - Essential APIs for running a restaurant on Deliveroo.
Retail Platform Suite - Essential APIs to manage a grocery and non-food business on Deliveroo.
Signature Suite - Build a custom online delivery experience powered by Deliveroo.

Let machines do the work while you focus on delighting your customers.

Partner Platform Suite

The Partner Platform provides several APIs and webhooks to streamline your integration with Deliveroo.

Use the Order API to manage orders from Deliveroo. Configure webhooks to receive the order and rider events in real-time.

Use the Menu API to update your menus seamlessly, including stock status, pictures, prices, POS IDs and allergen information, from your in-store system.

Manage your site's open/close status, opening hours, days off, workload mode, and more using the Site API.

Signature Suite

The Signature Suite lets you build your apps on Deliveroo's delivery service.

With the Signature API, you can request delivery via Deliveroo couriers for an order processed and managed by your internal systems.

Manage your site's open/close status, opening hours, days off, workload mode, and more using the Site API.

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Retail Platform Suite

This Retail Platform Suite offers access to everything our Partner Platform Suite provides and the Picking API. With the Picking API, you can receive incoming orders from Deliveroo and remove or substitute items from the basket before accepting or rejecting the order.


Existing Partners

If you have an existing API contract with Deliveroo which doesn't reference our suites, please reach out to your Deliveroo Account Manager to update and gain access to the range of APIs within the intended suite.

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