Test Locations

In test mode, resolution of locations is constrained and coarse, searching for specific restaurants is not supported.

First, based on the location specified, the closest city from the table below is selected. Then, a list of randomly generated restaurants, located at random positions within the city selected, is returned.

The following table lists cities that are currently supported in test mode, the sample location parameters may be used to obtain a list of restaurants within a city.

Citylat, lonpostcode, country_code
Amsterdam52.37470870786686, 4.8936543617690811012 ZJ, NL
Brussels50.848384005904016, 4.35244954073501861000, BE
Cardiff51.481583, -3.179090n/a
Dubai25.237937224403826, 55.26566394128973n/a
Dublin53.34987581794567, -6.270388962883456n/a
Edinburgh55.953251, -3.188267n/a
Hong Kong22.294276514141128, 114.17232206816648n/a
Kuwait City29.37954940317905, 47.975323968949n/a
London51.5101095, -0.0932817EC4R 3TE, GB
Madrid40.42166681761659, -3.68864274037096428001, ES
Rome41.90819745538432, 12.4683554691181800193, IT
Singapore1.3548271449398184, 103.86693061094368550307, SG
Sydney-33.82510611963573, 151.21529672000, AU
Taipei25.02836031697522, 121.45349656673051n/a