Order Location

In test mode, for a location to be returned, sensible values must be specified for test_webhooks, to assure that the order does not reach terminal status before querying its location. In particular, specify a duration long enough for delivered.

This endpoint can also be used to retrieve rider's information. Their full name and contact number will always be filled in the response. However, as riders can have their personal phone numbers protected (masked), a temporary phone number and code will be assigned to rider_bridge_number and rider_bridge_code fields. In this case, rider_contact_number field will be formatted as rider_bridge_number (rider_bridge_code). When the rider's phone is unmasked, rider_bridge_number and rider_bridge_code will be null.

Test orders return a random location within 2 km of the test restaurant.

Note that if the location isn't available, the endpoint will return HTTP 200 with an empty JSON object {}. If this happens in test mode, the order may have reached a terminal status already. Make sure to specify sensible values in test_webhooks, in particular for delivered.